About Us...

We are “A vibrant Christ-centered community actively reaching out to help and bring others to Christ.” Coming from different cultural, social, and religious backgrounds, we are united by a common desire to grow together in faith, hope and love...

Worship: Because we believe that we were created by God for His and our pleasure, we gather to worship Him every Wednesday and Sunday mornings.  We humble ourselves before Him, sing praises to Him, lift our concerns to Him, and share communion bread and wine. He responds by showering upon us blessings of peace, joy and hope. Our worship style is based on the Episcopal/Anglican Book of Common Prayer with a blend of traditional and contemporary music styles.

Learning: Through various programs, we seek to learn more about our God and His will for us as revealed in Jesus Christ.  We have programs for children, youth and adults.

Fellowship: We believe that humans are social beings created to interact and enjoy each others company.  We, therefore, provide opportunities for people to meet and make friends.

Service:  We believe that we are called to make a difference in other people’s lives especially those less privileged than we are.  Whether it is by helping or contributing to the local food pantry, building houses or churches or sponsoring a child in Africa, we give everyone an opportunity to make a difference another person’s life.

St.Peter's Episcopal Church

Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

Church: 104 Elm Street

Office: 632 Buffalo Street

Email: info@stpetersfalls.org

Phone: 920.467.6639

Office Hours:

Mon. - Thurs. 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

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