O Almighty God, ruler of all things in heaven and on earth: we bring before You the profound division among the people of the United States of America. In disbelief and anxiety, we have seen the Capitol building invaded by citizens intent on harm to our elected officials and the destruction of the place in which our democracy has been in place for over 200 years. We give thanks for the safety and protection of all of our elected representatives and the vice-president. Despite profound danger, they were able to complete their work that night, bound by the Constitution that they swear to uphold.


We mourn for lives lost that day, and injuries sustained by the U.S. Capitol police, especially remembering the soul of Brian Sicknik, mortally wounded in the protection of the facility and the lives of those therein.


We beseech You of Your mercy, O God, that all who sought to damage property and harm lives will be found and brought to justice. We ask your Spirit’s guidance to all in authority to improve the safety of the Capitol and all who work in it. We love You for your heavenly grace in the preparations for the coming inauguration to Joseph Biden as President and Kamala Harris as Vice-President, and for all in attendance, that they may be shielded from any harm or havoc any people may be planning.


Finally, we pray that You will inspire our leaders in the Senate and the House of Representatives to promote the healing of our divisions and the focus of our talents to build up this nation. May they set the direction of unity and the well-being of all citizens, to the hour of Your glorious name. Amen.

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