Christians throughout history have understood Worship to be their primary duty.  Through worship, we affirm our allegiance to the God who created us, redeemed us, and sustains us.  We at St. Peter’s are therefore, not only committed to regular worship ourselves, but to providing opportunities for all people to worship their God. 


In 2016, we continued to provide 2 regular Sunday Worship services at 8am & 10:00 am and a Wednesday Service at 9am.  The early Sunday service attracts between 8-12 regular worshipers while the later service attracts 45-60 regular worshipers.  The Wednesday service attracts between 8-10 regular worshipers.


The use of modern technology in worship continues to make our worship more accessible particularly to parents with babies who do not have to choose between holding the baby or the prayer book.  We continue to explore ways to improve the use of the technology we have for greater benefit. 


Worship in general, but more so in the Episcopal tradition, involves a significant number of individuals and teams such as the altar guild, the flower person, the greeters, readers, acolytes, chalice bearers, musicians, audio/visual attendants, etc. Without their dedication, our worship would not be as vibrant and life-giving as it is. We would love to have more serving as acolytes, chalice bearers, readers, ushers/greeters, audio/visual attendants, etc.  Our musicians (paid and volunteer) continue to bless us with their musical gifts as we join them in singing praises to our God.   We are grateful to all who share their gifts to make our worship pleasing to God and all of us. 


Altar Guild: The Altar Guild exists to prepare the Altar for Holy Communion services.  We are responsible for setting up for each service and cleaning up following each service.  Our team members ensure that the vestments, the linens, the cups, and all other vessels used for communion are well maintained.  The team is also responsible for ordering supplies such as the bread, wine, candles, and linens.