Fr. John's Messages

Sermon Theme: Easter Season 2021: Dwelling in the Divine

People today have a hard time believing that God is for real. That’s nothing new. Back in the 18th century,
philosophers claimed that God was like a person who would wind up a big clock and then walk away.
God was a great idea, but nothing more. In reading the New Testament, especially in the First Letter of
John, a main message is that God is fully in Christ—God abides in Christ. And, through death and
resurrection, Christ is transformed and present with always. So, we dwell in the Divine. The Risen Christ
is with us in Word and in Sacrament—and in prayer and daily life. The Easter sermon series helps us to
understand that God in Christ is with us and present to us whenever we seek God.


LENT 2021

Sermon Series: “Real Resilience”


            In every life, there are hard times. We may go through them as individuals, families, or groups. Or we may face them in communities and in nations. Hard times can be psychological, physical, or spiritual. They can be outside of us: wars, economic crisis and, as we have known most recently, a medical one. How do we deal with hard times?  The season of Lent reminds us of hardships—and provides many ways to move through them. The key, however, is to find resilience. What is resilience? How do we find it? How do we practice it? The Lenten sermon series, “Real Resilience”, will give you some keys to this spiritual opportunity.