Fr. John's Messages

Ready or Not


In these four sermons for Advent 2020, the Rev. Dr. John Throop asks us how ready we are for the
unexpected in life—especially for the coming of Jesus into this world and into our lives. Are we ready or
not? What does it mean to be ready? What must we do to be ready.? Each sermon gives direction for you
to discover that answer for yourself, and in yourself.


LENT 2021

Sermon Series: “Real Resilience”


            In every life, there are hard times. We may go through them as individuals, families, or groups. Or we may face them in communities and in nations. Hard times can be psychological, physical, or spiritual. They can be outside of us: wars, economic crisis and, as we have known most recently, a medical one. How do we deal with hard times?  The season of Lent reminds us of hardships—and provides many ways to move through them. The key, however, is to find resilience. What is resilience? How do we find it? How do we practice it? The Lenten sermon series, “Real Resilience”, will give you some keys to this spiritual opportunity.


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