Our Clergy & Staff

Barbara Zirwes-Nysse.JPG
Barb Zirwes-Nysse
Music Minister
Dale Robson


Seeking our Next Rector

St. Peter's is in a time of transition between Rectors and are beginning the process to seek the next Rector of the Parish.


Barb Zirwes-Nysse, Interim Music Minister

We are in a time of transition musically at St. Peter’s Church, with interest in returning to the music we used to sing a few years ago. As we work through this transition period, Barb Zirwes-Nysse has stepped up again to be our Interim Music Minister. We are grateful for her heart of servanthood as our search committee looks for the right person to move into this position permanently.


Dale Robson, Sexton

Dale works to keep things tidy and in working order around St. Peter's. He takes care of maintenance around the facility.