The outreach ministry of St. Peter’s is aimed at proclaiming God’s love to the world by meeting human needs locally, nationally and globally.


Sheboygan Falls Food Pantry:  Volunteers from our church continued to work at the local food pantry by distributing food to the needy.  They were responsible for the distribution for the months of February, May, August, & November.  This is one ministry that needs more volunteers as many of our volunteers who have done it for so many years are getting older and unable to do it anymore. Please consider joining our group of volunteers.  Food distribution is done every Thursday from 10:00am – 12:00 noon. 


SSR Hospice Volunteers: Since its beginning, members of St. Peter’s have been involved in the Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice in many capacities including volunteering. For our commitment to the mission of the Hospice, St. Peter’s is a community partner.


One Dollar Campaign: As part of our Lenten discipline, we conducted a campaign to raise money for local organizations that feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and advocate against domestic abuse.  Funds raised were distributed to the Sheboygan Falls Food Pantry, the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter, and the Safe Harbor Women Shelter in Sheboygan.


Christmas Angel Tree: Our Christmas Angel Tree program continues to grow. In 2015, 30 residents of Pine Haven received gifts from parishioners and the parish outreach budget.


Discretionary Funds: Open plate offerings for the first and fifth Sunday are designated for the Rector’s and Deacon’s discretionary funds respectively, to help them respond to those who approach them with various needs. Needs vary from food, gas, prescriptions, rent, and other emergencies.


Helping Kids: St. Peter’s is involved in an inter-church effort to help needy students in our school district with basic needs such as food, clothing, shoes, laundry coins, etc. A Helping Kids box is available at the church in which members can put their donations.  Heather Schneider is our representative for Helping Kids project.

United Thank Offering (UTO): United Thank Offering is an outreach effort of the Episcopal Church that provides grants for special projects around the world. Our parish conducts in-gatherings in both the spring and the fall. UTO is a valuable reminder that even the smallest contributions can make a big difference. As our coins and checks are added with the donations of other parishes, significant grants are made possible to worthy organizations and initiatives close to home and across the globe. The goal for 2015 was to continue to raise awareness of and contributions for this important ministry of St. Peter’s. Heather Schneider –UTO coordinator


Operation Christmas Child: Members of St. Peter's filled many boxes as part of this year's Operation Christmas Child campaign. The boxes-which were filled with toiletries, books, toys, candy, and school supplies - were taken to Sonlight Books in Sheboygan, a local drop-off site for the Samaritan's Purse project that makes Christmas brighter for underprivileged children around the world. Since 1993, more than 100 million shoe boxes have been collected by Samaritan's Purse. If you stacked all 100 million boxes on top of one another, they would be 26,000 times higher than the Empire State Building. Now, that's a lot of boxes! Mickey Heinig - Coordinator


Furniture Ministry: Love in the Name of Christ (Love INC) In the spring of this year St Peter’s accepted the call to support a ministry identified by Love INC as being a gap ministry in Sheboygan County.  A gap ministry is defined as a need that is not being met.  Our gap  ministry is the Furniture Ministry which provides basic furniture items such as beds, dressers, kitchen table and chairs, couches etc. to Neighbors in Need(NIN).  The need may be identified during an intake interview with the NIN who has contacted Love INC to ask for assistance.  A team of volunteers from several churches as well as St. Peter’s pick up furniture donations and deliver donated furniture in the evening on the first and third Wednesday of each month.   After our work is done, the team and the NIN join hands and we say a prayer together.   This last step truly brings a sense of peace to all and is a very important part of this ministry.   

Good Shepherd Meal: St. Peter’s partners with First Reformed Church of Falls…. Jesus said, "Feed my sheep".  (John 21:17)  First Reformed Church of Falls sponsors Good Shepherd Community Meals.