Who is God? How can I know God?


First of all, God is the creator of everything and everyone around you.  In creating the human race, the image of God—what some call “the divine spark” is planted deep within us. We are made in the image of God—not in our bodies, but in a spiritual sense.

Even as those first human beings chose to follow selfish impulses, and even when these first persons turned from God, God never failed them. God was with them, whether they knew that truth or not, and whether they accepted that truth or not.

Throughout the generations, God sent prophets to urge people to give up their selfish and sinful ways and to return to God. Then, even when people refused to listen, God sent Jesus, Son, to walk among us, to take our sinful, selfish nature upon himself. Jesus shows us the extent to which God will seek us and find us. He walked among us, full of grace and truth.  God promises life, as Jesus rose from the dead, and then went to be with God to rule in every way for ever and ever.