How can I believe when life is overwhelming me?


So many things can happen to us and stress us out. When I’ve talked with people who feel overwhelmed, I feel their pain and anxiety. Anxiety is the greatest problem that human beings have. There are three ways we deal with that anxiety.


   - We feel like we have to do something—now! So we take on more than we should and start to solve problems that need to be solved by others or  

      to work with others. But we feel like we’re responsible, and it all gets to be too much.


   - We want to run away from the problems and stresses of life. Maybe if we can hide, or tune out for a while, or promise that we’ll do something

     about these problems—sometime—then we can get some of this stress out of us.

   - We medicate ourselves—some with alcohol, others with drugs (legal or illegal), others with food or shopping or work—all of which are ways to

     tune out from this world.

Some of us can take more stress, some of us less. In the end, we have to face some truths. We can’t take on so much. We can’t be the savior of the world (or our world). Or we have to face up to the fact that we can’t do it all or that we need help carrying the load. We have limits. And that’s when we find how much we need God—not to take away all of our problems, but to show us grace and power to start getting a handle on life. Only when you and I are ready to believe that God is in control can we find peace—that peace that passes all understanding.