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St. Peter's is a local fellowship within Christ's One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, a congregation of the Anglican Communion, and a parish within the Diocese of Wisconsin. We are called to sanctification and service in fidelity to the Gospel. Our mission is serve our neighbors in Sheboygan County as the fruits of Christ's love alive in our hearts.

As Anglicans our roots are traced back to the Church that Jesus founded and which, soon after the Resurrection, would make its way to the British Isles. Today, Anglican Christianity represents the third largest Christian body in the world and has members on every continent. Anglicanism is often described as the Church of the via media, "the middle way", bridging the gap between Evangelical Protestantism and Traditional Cath

Please join us at Mass on Sundays at 9:00 AM. All are welcome in God's House for healing, hope, and holiness. 

Evelyn, Thomas, & Ruth:

Three contemporary tour guides to the landscape of prayer

Father Chris Arnold, a spiritual director of the Diocese of Fond du Lac and Interim Rector of St. Thomas Church, Menasha will present a series on spirituality at St. Peter's Church in July. Each evening will begin with the Holy Eucharist celebrated in the Lady Chapel at 5:30pm, then proceeds with a free dinner and lecture in the parish hall at 6:00pm. 

July 10th, Evelyn Underhill and Practical Mysticism
July 17th, Thomas Merton and New Seeds of Contemplation
July 24th, Ruth Burrows and Essence of Prayer


Learn more and register here.

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