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The Bishop


The Bishop is the pastor and ecclesiastical authority of the diocese and is responsible for the defending and teaching of the faith. The bishops of the Church are the successors to the Apostles of Christ assuring the continuation of the Church through confirming the faithful and ordaining the clergy. 


Our bishop is the Right Reverend Matthew A. Gunter, VIII Bishop of Fond du Lac. He was consecrated bishop for the diocese in 2014. St. Peter's welcomes the Bishop among us from time to time as his episcopal visitation schedule allows.

The Rector

The rector is the pastor of the local church. He is responsible for the worship, theology, and ministry in the parish. Our rector is the Reverend Father Paul S. Coey. Father Coey was called to St. Peter's in 2021. He has a background in parish and chaplaincy ministry and personal interests in history, archeology, and film.


Father is excited for this next chapter in St. Peter's life focusing on forming disciples, ministering to the community, and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Drop in to meet our priest or his beloved pup Hildegard.


 The Vestry


Ms. Linda Palmer, Senior Warden

Mr. Dale Robson, Junior Warden

Ms. Betty Liddle, Class of '25

Ms. Alicia DeCarlo, Class of '26

Mr. Michael Finney, Class of '27 & Clerk

Mr. George Palmer, Treasurer 

The vestry is the body of elected lay leaders. They help define and articulate the mission of the congregation, support that mission by word and deed, and ensure effective organization and planning. They ensure adequate resources in leadership and in financial stewardship and determine that appropriate programs, policies, and procedures have been developed and are followed. 


 The Staff

Ms. Jennifer Abraham, Financial Administrator

Mr. George Palmer, Office Administrator

Ms. Barbara Zirwes-Nysse, Music Minister

Mr. Dale Robson, Sexton

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